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Do you have timber for sale? Steven Hunter is experienced with determining the value of timber, working with timber companies, and logging timber in the most beneficial way for your long term timber management strategy. He has helped many land owners to maximize the return on their land investment. Contact Steven Hunter today.

Proper forest management can bring both short and long term returns. Steven's experience and professional approach will help you get the results you want.

Steven Hunter, proprietor, has over 15 years of forest management experience in southern Illinois, northern Kentucky, and eastern Missouri, and has worked with his dad, John Hunter, since he could climb up in the truck. He is certified as a Kentucky Master Logger. Steven grew up in the woods and is an honest hard worker.

Call or email today for a free consultation: stevenhunterlogging@gmail.com; (618) 922-3533.

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Timber Stand Improvement

"The purpose of timber stand improvement, or TSI, is to free desirable trees from competition, thin the trees to desirable numbers and remove the poorest trees. This improves the overall condition of the stand and concentrates wood growth on a number of selected trees. TSI also can improve wildlife food and habitat, appearance and health of a woodlot." --Missouri Department of Conservation

Attention Loggers

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